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Check out my blog , its a collection of information about the GCUT ICT course taught by Matt Mansour. Hopefully some of you can find this and comment on what I have written.

I am very pleased to be able to learn about blogs as I have always heard that term but thought it must be some genius IT person that has developed it but I am so surprised that I can create one and its actually not that hard!
I think that Blog will be a great way for my students in my Clinical Debriefing group to post their reflections about their Clinical Placements each time they attend Aged Care or General Practice placements. This is really useful as currently the students either write their reflections out on paper and then put it into their portfolio and after spending 10 min talking about in the class situation, their reflection is then lost to the whole class whereas this reflection if kept on a blog will be accessible for all the group and they can access that later when similar circumstances arise. I have been encouraging the students to research some topic around their reflection and this too will then not be lost to the group and can be saved as a resource for later.

After searching through the sea of Bloggers- I found a great one - have a look at this . This person obviously had spent a lot of time putting information on to this . I am fascinated by the way that they were able to have a side bar adding smart little tags and arrows on the right hand side column to open up news items. I would really like to know how I can do this. Can any one help me out there?

A wiki site that I found really useful is a very comprehensive wiki by Dr Mark Pegrum, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education, at The University of Western Australia. He covers many terms in contemporary uses of technology and their uses, includes many links to electronic resources. Check it out
Pegrum's wiki

Here's a podcast from "The Naked Scientist" from Cambridge University.
Apparently there are podcasts and vodcasts managed and linked at University websites. I found this on Many of these sites are free including being able to download audio books, learn languages, etc. Amazing!